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virtual assistant for cpas

Your virtual bookkeeping assistant can help you understand the amount that needs to be spared for these payments. This platform has VAs of varying skills, from virtual assistants and writers to web designers, copywriters, accountants, and more. You can post a job for workers to apply to or search resumes to find the exact skills you need. Certified Public Accountants carry a lot of weight by consulting with, and working for, companies. Not only should you know the books back and forth, but you’ll need to be versed in all legal matters and tax trends.

  • They will help you keep your financial records accurate and up-to-date.
  • We’ll get them onboarded and trained, making the process as seamless as possible for you.
  • With regard to flexibility and affordability, virtual bookkeeping services may benefit both the company and the bookkeeper.
  • Certified Public Accountants carry a lot of weight by consulting with, and working for, companies.
  • Several freelance platforms and talent outsourcing sites offer access to available VAs.
  • Microsoft Money is a finance management software program with capabilities for viewing bank account balances, creating budgets, and tracking expenses, among other features.

Thus, social media and other online channels can be essential to open up new business opportunities. However, you need the time investment in order to make it effective, which is why hiring a designated marketing person is key. When you run, grow, and scale a business, it, unfortunately, doesn’t stop at one hire.

Virtual Assistant for Accountant: Managing Your Books and More

By the end of this blog, you’ll better understand each assistant’s responsibilities. You will be better equipped to hire the right person for your needs. So, let’s dive in and discover how to hire the perfect assistant to help you take your business to the next level. It enables them to get a good grasp on what you need, update you effectively, and provide you with the top-notch service you deserve.

  • They can look into any missed receipts, expenses, tax deductibles, accounts payable, etc.
  • They should be highly organized and have excellent time management and communication skills.
  • However, they are generating a ton of leads, but you don’t have enough time to qualify all of them or establish contact with them to determine their interest level.
  • A virtual bookkeeping expert can compute, classify, and record this data.
  • Not only should you know the books back and forth, but you’ll need to be versed in all legal matters and tax trends.
  • Your accounting VA can easily perform data entry into any accounting software or online tool you use.

Jetpack Workflow helps everyone in your business focus on delivering high-quality service to your clients, even if they’re working remotely. Upwork is among the top-rated freelance platforms, formed in 2013 by merging long-standing freelance websites oDesk and Elance. Several freelance platforms and talent outsourcing sites offer access to available VAs.

Accounting virtual assistant Job description sample 1

The property accountant is responsible for recording all transactions in the property management system. Here are some accounting virtual assistant job description samples to get you started with senior and junior accounts job positions. A Virtual Accountant Assistant can handle the payroll and tax report filing functions. It will keep you organized while making sure that your staff is paid on time.

virtual assistant for cpas

Enhance collaboration and communication among your in-house team and outside VAs by sharing documents and project assignments. And we mean everything, including HR paperwork, onboarding, training, monitoring, supporting, and coaching all new workers, like your own team of Virtual Assistants. Keep your finger on the pulse without literally keeping your finger on it. Delegate research to remote CPA assistants to monitor competition, keep up with compliance changes, and to stay up-to-date on trends and the local market. By streamlining processes and hiring qualified, globally-sourced talent, We Are Working enabled Achieve Test Prep to get work done at 70% less per employee. They pay just 30% of what they historically spent to get the same work done.

Chief of Staff vs. Executive Assistant: Which Is Right for You?

Having a separate account for your business finances is easy for the accountant to handle. It makes sure the line between intentional spending and personal spending is maintained. Use cards virtual accountant (both credit and debit) that is solely for business transactions to have an organized record. Using a good virtual assistant will help keep a clear system of checks and expenditures.

virtual assistant for cpas

Chartered professional accounts who are ready to support your team with client-specific deliverables and tasks. Lorna can handle processing steps for your firm like obtaining electronic signatures, organizing documents, emailing deliverables to clients. Lorna will help you with your time management, paying bills, and running your professional and personal life. Lorna works from recurring to do lists but also stays flexible to adjust to your needs. Your remote assistants will work when you need them to work, and they won’t when you don’t need them.

What Exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

Unlike virtual accountants, a VA need not have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or hold a CPA license. Fortunately, MyOutDesk comes with guarantees on all of our virtual assistants, we call it MOD Satisfied. Because we select our VA’s based on their existing skills, we are able to match them to appropriate roles. Shawana trusted MyOutDesk with assigning them a VA in January of this year, 2021.

Over 6 months later and it’s been so successful that Shawana’s only regret is that they didn’t try us sooner! Their office admin is no longer being pulled in too many directions, and can instead focus on high-value internal needs. While the VA from MyOutDesk has not just been handling their billing duties but improving them too.

Shawana Hudson, partner at Thomas & Gibbs CPAs

Just pay for the service you need for your business when you’re using it. From monitoring, training, supporting, and coaching your virtual CPA assistant, you’ll have a firm grasp on how your business is running. To ensure your success, we help you craft your dream plan, enabling you to choose your own specialists for however many hours you need.

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