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How to reset your Windows 11 without reinstalling

The Test-PendingReboot script builds all of these helper functions into a single scriptblock as shown below. Once you have a PSSession created, you’ll then need to run the checks. By using a PowerShell script, you can query one or all computers in our domain or manually provide the server names to see if they are pending a reboot.

How to disable secure desktop during User Account Control

You can also choose to reinstall Windows 7, using the installation media. If you choose either of these methods, you are given the option to back up your important files and data.

Windows 10

Product names, model numbers, and other details help the user find what they’re looking for in Device Manager. After completing the steps above, try logging in again with the added user. When the Create First Admin User page appears, specify the details for your administrator user in the respective fields and click Save and Finish. Finally, after customizing Jenkins with plugins, Jenkins asks you to create your first administrator user. After unlocking Jenkins, the Customize Jenkins page appears.

  • Thus, backing up registry is a wise choice before you modify your Windows.
  • Windows itself and many programs use the registry, and you usually don’t have to worry about it.
  • Install the service pack from either a disc or a file.
  • The extra part comes in that, according to UAC, another token is created, named ”full administrator access token”, which is utilized exclusively when an admin authorization is necessary.

Select the files you want to download, then click the “Clean up” button. Make sure you choose an USB drive as the media for installing the operating system.

From the Case Files: The Windows Registry

Next, right-click the key that contains the value you can’t edit (or the key steam_api.dll was not found that you can’t edit) and then select “Permissions” from the context menu. To keep limited users from changing the parental controls, make sure that the kParentalFlags_Locked value is set in the AdminFlags key. In this scenario, Adminxxx values might not reflect the current parental controls settings if the controls are unlocked.