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We will also create custom web and mobile apps to extend the capability of your CRM. Financial management software often require multiple streams of data to be processed timely and simultaneously, which was especially important for our customer of corporation bank software. Here, we developed a platform for multiple integrated products and three separate matching engines that emit their own market data.

financial software development company

A custom-built CRM or ERP platform can be the key element to maximizing the efficiency of your current in-house processes. Our top engineers are prepared to help with anything regarding web data migration, app design, platform integration, and automation of business processes. Having a great CRM or ERP system is the first step to making data-driven decisions. Our main advantage is that we care about the outcome – and 450+ successful projects confirm this.

How can outsourcing software development help Fintech businesses?

Usually, there is a stark difference in the price quote as you move from the USA or UK to India. To lower the churn rate on the bank’s home loan, we built an AI product which ranks the customers in a range of 1 to 10, with 10 being high probability of customers’ staying and 1 being the low chances. The product offers the reasoning behind customer ratings, enabling the bank representatives to make changes at appropriate times, in addition to having personalized conversations with the customers.

financial software development company

In short, this is the stage where you show your users how tightly knit their experience is going to be, especially when we take security into consideration. When it comes to FinTech models, payment continues to be the sector’s favorite. There are a number of firms finding new use cases for making the process of making payments, generating invoices, tracking upcoming payments, etc. easier.

Technologies for Financial Industry

We analyze a client’s business needs to define an optimal feature set for the finance solution and avoid packing it with unnecessary functionality. We also apply an iterative approach to BFSI software development to introduce essential features first and enable faster payback from software implementation. Plus, ScienceSoft relies on proven frameworks, platforms, and ready-made components where possible to streamline financial software development and cut its cost. Intelvision offers web application development services for the fintech industry. With web application development your financial or insurance organization can stand out among the competitors as the high-performing, secure, and reliable provider of financial services.

financial software development company

UUUSoftware deals with money management systems of any scale and at any development stage. At BairesDev, we have a longtime history of providing high-quality software solutions for financial companies. Our team is fully prepared and equipped with all the tools needed to transform your business into a tech-driven enterprise. We will guide you in a seamless transition from Finance to FinTech, so you can start taking advantage of technology and gain a competitive edge in your industry. We pay extra attention to the security of financial software solutions and never miss a breach – all business-sensitive and customer-related data stay under protection. Our blockchain developers are hands-on the cognitive technologies to deliver high-quality services and solutions to clients.


Our company’s founders had been developing software for the banking industry for years before starting Velvetech 15 years ago. Let us help you expand your business creating highly engaging and secure financial software. Our expert FinTech software developers can build a reliable and scalable FinTech software solution – enabling you to improve operational efficiency.

financial software development company

Additionally, you would need to make your app working, features to meet the compliance regulations to the T – something that can be challenging for uninformed entrepreneurs and developers. The Electronic Fund Transfer Act is governed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which looks after the electronic money transfers via ATMs, POS terminals, and debit cards. The objective of this compliance is to protect users in case of transaction errors like funds getting transferred to the wrong account. The next cost impacting factor lies in understanding who will be working on the project. As a startup owner, you have multiple options to choose from – in-house development, hiring a freelancer, or partnering with an outsource agency. This need to get financially independent is taking them towards several investing-based FinTech applications like Coinbase, Robinhood, etc., which in turn, is becoming a lucrative model to enter.

Embedded finance

Because money and banking is a heavily regulated industry, financial services software development has an added layer of complexity. At the same time, essential business goals have to be met to beat the competition, including maximized development efficiencies, a fast time to market, and a superior customer experience. With over 15-year expertise in delivering financial software development services, Velvetech has the infrastructure, network requirements, and security standards to keep all your solutions compliant. If you choose us as a financial software development company, we help you to digitalize all your operations without bugs and loopholes in the system. You can also hire mobile app developers from us to develop a retail financial and banking app for your customers. The GLBA is a regulation that calls for financial software development services institutions to protect customer data and be transparent on how it gets processed.

  • Once agreed upon, we send a proposal that provides a snapshot of time, costs, team structure, and deliverables.
  • The web application allows the advisors to manage the revision history of plans, easily update the existing plans, monitor the advisors’ activity, and control plan creation’s correctness.
  • Having a great CRM or ERP system is the first step to making data-driven decisions.
  • From app logic security to data encryption, biometric authentication, and more, we provide data protection at all levels of creating a software product.
  • The Software House’s team has designed, built, and maintained systems for Seed A, B, and C firms, as well as those growing into new areas.

“When we found MobiDev we were very early in the process of starting our business. We had tried and failed with a number of other development firms and we were really at a point where our backs were against the wall. We needed to get our MVP into the market, and MobiDev was there for us. Gain a competitive edge for your wealth and portfolio management platforms with our robo-advisory solutions. Watch as CEO Ted Devine of Insureon, named Inc. 500’s #1 fastest growing insurance company, details how a trusted tech partner and a solid strategy shot his business past the competition.

It is one of the most commonly followed data protection regulations in the EU. It dictates how businesses gather, process, and store data of the EU users. The fine for not complying with the GDPR rule can go as high as €20 million. There are similar regulations like Consumer Data Right and California Consumer Privacy Act that work in the lines of GDPR and should be followed by every FinTech brand. We brainstorm on the features, walkthrough, technologies whose inclusion will be useful, etc. Before you immerse yourself in this section, we have a disclaimer to share.

Success Story: SaaS Solution For Financial Management

UUUSoftware developed a hotel management system for a newly established business. The case of a succesful cloud migration for the car company with software development company a complex legacy software. Share the details of your project and our tech specialists will contact you to suggest a solution as soon as possible.

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