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Integrative teaching Strategies

O. Asagba, “An improved online book recommender system using collaborative filtering algorithm,” International Journal of Computer Applications, vol. The online Q&A and selection of good notes module are the teacher-student interaction part. For the students’ questions, the teacher will answer the questions accordingly; for the students’ open category notes, the best notes will be selected for more students to learn. Stress test is using JMeter, where the HTTP request is the server request timeout; while the access volume is about 100,000 orders of magnitude, the error rate is very low, which meets the daily access needs of the platform. Using a pairwise rate regression model for course selection prediction on the anonymized dataset, the final performance on the seven courses is shown in Figure 5, which reveals that the accuracy and recall rates are not very high.

what is content-based mode

It includes the organic combination of teachers’ dominance, subjectivity of students, the advantages of the network, and the efficiency of offline lecture. The blended teaching mode not only enables teachers to play the role of guiding, inspiring, and monitoring teaching, but also reflects the initiative, enthusiasm, and creativity of students . The blended teaching mode is mainly adjusted according to the learning dynamics and learning needs of the students.

Content-based instruction

Emotional presence is defined as the outward expression of emotion, affect and feeling, by individuals and among individuals in a community of inquiry, as they relate to and interact with the learning technology, course content, students and instructor. Item indicators for emotional presence have been analysed with the instrument measuring the original three presences (Arbaugh et. al, 2008). Exploratory factor analysis suggests emotional presence may stand alone as a separate element in this framework (Cleveland-Innes, definition of content-based mode Ally, Wark & Fung, 2013). Further research is required to evaluate the relationship between emotional presence and other elements in the framework. The CABLS framework is designed to “facilitate a deeper, more accurate understanding of the dynamic and adaptive nature of blended learning” (Wang et al., 2015, p. 390). This systems approach allows someone new to blended learning to consider key interacting components at work as they create and offer a blended learning course or programme.

In the teaching, it focuses on the theme content that students are interested in. Teachers take explaining the theme content as a means, use content teaching to drive language teaching, and realize the purpose of language teaching. The experimental class adopts CBI teaching concept, the blank class adopts ordinary teaching methods, and the control class adopts task-based teaching concept. Through one semester of teaching, the teaching effect of three classes is evaluated. Under the evaluation of teachers, the full score of CBI teaching effectiveness is 66.

CHAPTER 2: Theories Supporting Blended Learning

This presents some challenges (viz., numerous extraneous variables, no active manipulation of the intervention, and difficultly performing pre and post tests), for these reasons, future inquiries should consider these limitations in causal comparative designs. Another recent empirical study that investigated CBI via the perspectives of faculty and students was research, which utilized a case study methodology with qualitative features. One prominent aspect of study incorporated a holistic approach to investigating CBI, with semi-structured interviews and observation between faculty and students. These findings are of importance to this review of literature because they establish a common belief and trend among students receiving interventions, which demonstrates a perceived and real benefit measured by academic achievement.

what is content-based mode

When students used the online learning platform, the learning platform automatically recorded the students’ usage information. The students’ learning traces were saved in a database through technical means. Based on a thorough understanding of the data, the study sifted through the data to filter out data that was related to teachers and students, and transformed the data to produce a dataset that met the needs of machine learning. After the data set was effectively partitioned, the study analyzed the data by machine learning, and assigned weights to the different indicators in the comprehensive performance measurement. Then, the study derived the comprehensive scores of the students at different learning stages. The researcher randomly selected 20 students’ comprehensive scores at different learning stages and illustrated the scores in Table9.

Associated Data

In addition, the teacher needs to comprehensively and objectively evaluate the learning initiative of the students, the performance of the lecture, and the quality of the homework, so that the students could recognize their shortcomings to promote their English. The evaluation content includes online learning performance, lecture performance, homework quality, group presentation quality, group mutual evaluation, and tests grades. The evaluation process could make students focus more on their pre-class self-study and lecture performance, and adjust their learning attitudes and learning methods in a better way. This paper focuses on the personalized online learning platform based on collaborative filtering algorithms, with the main goal of breaking the limitations of time and space, increasing the ways and means of learning, and using novel user enthusiasm for learning and improving the efficiency of user learning .

what is content-based mode

Over the last decade, several studies have provided evidence that suggests CBI methods benefit younger students by improving L2 proficiency, and also directly contribute to improved academic achievement – . I would also argue the benefits of implementing CBI into higher education will result in similar outcomes, through comparative programmatic approaches, used both in the U.S. and Chinese tertiary institutions, through a mixed methods approach of English immersion, sheltered studies, and a transitional approach . However, it should be noted that variations occur with some frequency within the dynamics of CBI integration, between different countries and within each institution. Problems in the experiments are analyzed and addressed, such as the influence of the special distribution of different data on the classification results and overfitting due to the high embedding dimension.

Research on effectiveness of college english blended teaching mode under small private online course based on machine learning

The application of new media technology in BE teaching is the practice of technological innovation. Zheng discusses several ways to promote BE teaching reform and innovation using new media technology, aiming to explore new ways to deepen BE teaching reform and improve BE teaching quality. Xie reports on the application of case-based teaching method in BE course. Through open-ended questionnaire survey and researcher’s participation, observation, and reflection, the author expounds the participants’ views and puts forward suggestions for the improvement in the teaching process .

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Specific student view is not available for unpublished content or if the course has not started. In addition to the content that you would see in “View Live” mode, you also see content that has a status of Draft or Draft . To preview draft content and see how it would appear to members of different groups when it is released, follow these steps. To see these units, you must use Preview mode, as described in Previewing Draft Content. In courses that have started, when you use Staff view in View Livemode, keep the following points in mind.

Critical Content Based Instruction for the Transformation of World Language Classrooms

Particularly, in a fast-paced life with great pressure of work and study, the accuracy and speed of information acquisition are particularly important. In such a social environment, providing users with accurate and efficient information has become the main task for all walks of life . Websites have made some simple responses to this situation, but, in most cases, users do not know exactly what they want. Many of these problems have led to the development of new technologies and the creation of personalized recommendation technologies to address the accuracy and efficiency of information acquisition . The core idea is to recommend the information that the user needs to meet the characteristics of different users .

  • Refers to the concurrent study of language and subject matter with the format sequence of language presentation dictated by content material.
  • The scale was distributed online to 60 students on January 5, 2022 with the recovery rate of 98.3%.
  • With the exponential growth of online educational resources, information is changing from text form to multimedia forms such as pictures, audio, video, and online live broadcast; the quality of information and how to screen information have become an urgent problem to be solved .
  • These differ from early-exit programs “primarily in the amount and duration that English is used for instruction as well as the length of time students are to participate in each program” (Ramirez, Yuen, & Ramey, 1991).
  • The most extensive research on the principles of multimedia learning was conducted by Richard Mayer and Ruth Clark.
  • In response to this speculation, the MOE has made further precautionary adjustments to policy that mandates ESL courses be offered at all public institutions, promoting the content-linked ideology; thereby, propagating L2 proficiency in the general population, regardless of socioeconomic status .

As in sheltered English and content-based programs, English is taught through the content areas. Structured immersion teachers have strong receptive skills in their students’ first language and have a bilingual education or ESL teaching credential. The teacher’s use of the children’s first language is limited primarily to clarification of English instruction. The standards-based curriculum or the intended curriculum is the official or adopted curriculum contained in state or district policy. A body of content knowledge that students are expected to learn based on their participation within the school experience, standards-based curriculum includes broad descriptions of content areas and often specifies performance standards that students are expected to meet.

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PowerPoint is widely used in the face to face classrooms to convey the main points of a lesson and provide visuals to accompany a lecture. According to Hopper and Waugh , many instructors choose PowerPoint due to the prevalence of the tool in education and time constraints encountered by educators. Examples of CBI include studying a science topic, reading and discussing news articles, or watching a documentary in a foreign language. In CBI information is reiterated by strategically delivering information at the right time and through situations compelling the students to learn out of passion.

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